Take the Quantum Leap into Abundance: A Guide to the Good Life

take the quantum leap into abundance a guide to the good life

from the back cover

Abundance. What does it look like?

Is it owning a room full of gold? Laying in a field of flowers? Or perhaps living in Shangri-La.

When do you know when you have enough? Where do you find abundance in the first place?

We are told to “have a better life,” but no instructions come with that advice. We wander around blindly, without direction, looking for the path of our dreams.

Finding self-esteem, losing weight, becoming less depressed – it seems that we should naturally know how to do these things. And we feel like failures because our dreams never happen.

We are not failures. We just don’t know how to accomplish our goals.

In this book, you will find:
    •  a no-nonsense approach to building a kinder self-image
    •  how to build meditation and gratitude into your day
    •  how people turn peak experiences into life-defining moments
    •  the real-world Shangri-La where people live beyond 100 years
    •  what an ancient great swordsman says about spirit and iron will
    •  how to have a more satisfying life
the story behind the book

Life cannot be all about trauma and bad thoughts.  There must be a counterbalance to the negativity in our lives.  This is why I wrote this book.

Each of us has a deep reserve of strength bubbling inside of us, whether we want to believe it or not.  

Take the Quantum Leap into Abundance:  A guide to the good life is not a book that tells you to think rich and you will be rich.

Since I wrote this book in 2017, quantum leap has gained momentum.  The Secret started the rush, I believe, but my book is different from the rest.  Different because my book talks about taking the right actions that will lead you to your dreams.

We want something, but our lives do not match our desires.  We want riches, but we are in a dead-end job.  We want a good life, but we cut corners.

Sorry to disappoint, the only way you will get anything accomplished in your life is to get off the couch and take positive steps toward that accomplishment.

Here is a brief overview of what’s inside this book

Hobson’s Choice is a term for choices that we really do not make.  We take it or leave it.  After an accident or with a disability, you did not choose to be in that situation, but here you are.  Hobson’s choice.

One of my favorite people is Admiral Stockdale.  You will learn about his story, but I will give you a hint:

It is called the Stockdale paradox.

stockdale paradox

Pin this on your wall where you can look at it often.  It will help you through the rough times.

We talk about belonging and having a positive self-image.  Are you a good communicator?  Did you know listening is an art? Have you heard of the “Talking Stick?” This is how many early cultures communicated in meetings.  The only person allowed to speak was the one holding the talking stick.  This would come in handy in many situations today!

the talking stick

The idea of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is not just a phrase from the Bible. It is a way of life for many cultures.  Reciprocity.

Learn about the philosophy of life from the world’s greatest swordsman and how you can apply it to your life today.  (No sword needed.)  And I present to you a different way of meditation – I have dropped hints in other blogs.

And last but not least – a chapter on faith and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not something you do for the other person.  You forgive them so you can get on with YOUR life.  Why harbor grudges and hatred? 

Let them go.  Do not let negative people control you.  

an excerpt from the book

Contemplate the workings of the world,
listen to the words of the wise,
and take all that is good as your own.
With this as your base, open your own door to truth.
Do not overlook the truth that is right before you.
Study how water flows in a valley stream,
smoothly and freely between the rocks.
Also, learn from holy books and wise people.
Everything – even mountains, rivers, plants, and trees –
should be your teacher.
~The Art of Peace~


Although we can find abundance wherever we are, we presume abundance and wealth go hand in hand. In our minds, to have wealth is to have abundance. It takes strength of character to live in utter poverty and believe you have all the abundance in the world.

Money is necessary to meet the cycle of needs. Physical needs require money, as does safety. Love is giving, and the more you give, the more you show your love. We cannot help it, our self-esteem is based on the finer things in life; the better our living quarters, the better our mental outlook.

Obtaining wealth has the same mindset as any other success. You must desire, believe, and expect it before you receive it. You must act in a certain way. Most importantly, you must cancel the idea that the love of money is the root of evil. Money is money, a means to an end. Money is not evil, only the people who spend it in evil ways.

Banish the thought that having riches is wrong. When in tune with the Universe, you express the desires of the Universe. When the Universe is in control, abundance will freely flow.

If a room full of gold bars is your goal, then this is your Supreme Power beaconing you. Follow your heart. You will be amazed.

Taking the Quantum Leap is not jumping into another physical realm, a different reality. Rather you are leaping into another consciousness; another plane of existence.

Quantum People live a fulfilling life, but they are not in another physical realm, obviously. The ones who shine the strongest in our memory have strong moral character and cause great things to happen. They are the ones who set humanity apart from the rest.

True, some nasty characters spring up throughout history, but who are the heroes? Who are the ones revered the most? The longest remembered? Who gives the world the greatest legacies? The Quantum People! Those who transcend so-called human limitations and follow their heart.

True abundance comes from doing what you love. Surround yourself with beauty, with people who love you, follow your heart, and do what makes you happy.

With the body, mind, and soul in a row – when these three are aligned, then life is in perfect harmony. Success follows harmony. Success comes from knowing what you want and having a blueprint as a guide to meet your desire.

Following your heart means following the voice in your head – the one telling you to go forth and multiply. Ideas. Opportunities. Multiply your ideas by believing with absolute faith you will accomplish your goals.

The thought is formed when you see it in your mind’s eye. Apply action and the goal will become real.

Seeing and believing do more than help you realize your goals, they also keep you in touch with the Ruler of the Universe. Uncanny events happen once you are connected. Have a worry, let it go, and the answer will appear. This is not nonsense. This is what happens when you take the leap into your true existence.

What you search for is right here, inside of you. You know what you want, your desires and dreams. These are not fantasies found in storybooks, but the Universe coming through, expressing your worth to the world.

If you follow those urgings instead of directing them, you will become spontaneous in your living and therefore more open to opportunities. Your inner voice is telling you to do this thing for a chance at an opportunity.

“Try this idea, see how it works,” the voice says.

How many times a day do you argue with that voice; reason it out, tamp it down, tell it to go away, the thing cannot be done. Squashing ideas and opportunities for abundance.

One word of caution: Be careful what you wish for. Be careful that when you throw out the old, you do not throw out your treasured blanket. Not everything in your life must go, does it? Keep the possessions and people who enhance your life. As you view your life in gratitude, you will find parts you do not want to change. Loved ones, possessions, even habits, and that is okay.

You may bring about drastic changes in your life; find another job; get married; get divorced; move halfway around the world. Or there may be no visible change to your physical existence. The change, whatever your outer world, will come from within.

One day you will notice life is running smoother, amazing things happen without explanation; you are happier. This is when you will know you have taken the great leap into your quantum life, and have found abundance.

Come, take the Quantum Leap into Abundance. 
Watch your dreams come true!

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