This website is dedicated to the millions of families that are struggling to stay together, struggling with an unfair and violent world, struggling with death and mayhem that has entered into their lives.

the civitas initiative

In the ways we care for children, we create society.
We create the healers and destroyers.
Our children are the reflections of the world in which we raise them.

“I have a dream,” said Martin Luther King.

I never thought I would see the day when the “American dream” became a nightmare.

We are further from his dream then we were in the 1960s. People of color are not the only people treated unfairly in today’s America. 

The growing trend of incarceration since the 1990s has played havoc on the family system. People’s lives are ruined, dreams are shattered, families are disjointed. 

All because “justice” mistakes the color of someone’s skin, or their sexual preference, or their mental health status as a crime – and not a human condition.

Now we are desperate to rebuild our families. To recover from the 30-year- incarceration onslaught that besieged America’s family structure.

Add to that, the destruction the pandemic created in our lives.  Mass incarceration, a disease ran rampant, and an unstable political world, we are more in need of helping one another than ever before.


be the change
On this website, I write about social change.  We will explore ways the family can come together and how communities can make that happen.

People should treat one another better. We need to get over this idea that people are bad and need to be punished.

Or is it that people are bad and they do not want to be found out.

Either way, things will never get better in our society until we start treating one another with respect and goodwill.

With 7.5 million Americans a year who claim they are stalked, the 160,000 children that miss school each day to avoid their bully, and 2.3 million Americans behind bars, the facts do not speak well for the way we handle conflict!

It is time for a change. My books and blogs promote that change and advocate for systems to help people who need a helping hand.

If we looked at the root of the problem instead of blaming the victim for their misbehavior, we would see the real story. But even though we talk about it, it doesn’t seem as though we are willing to take the step necessary to implement those changes.

It is time for a Revolution.
A Revolution without war.

A Revolution where people go out of their way to spread kindness throughout their day. A smile, a thank-you, thinking twice before yelling at the person on the phone who is innocent and not creating your problems!

Think before you speak!

It is the American way. People who are united make changes.

we can influence change in policies and services that affect children and families.
holding handsFamilies United

Combating violence through education and prevention.

Join me, won’t you? Add your part to make this world a better place.

A Revolution of Kindness, where all people are treated with respect. 


34,000 youth are behind bars


Innocent, incarcerated, and in serious trouble.

Life goes downhill from there.

Too many people in America have had their lives ruined in some way or by another person’s cruelty.

home of the free because of the brave

People fight and give up their lives for our “freedoms” and here we are, all of us, faced each day with committing a crime we did not even know existed.

It is time to change that.

Herein lies the purpose of my books and blogs. I hope you enjoy them and find one place in your life to make kindness a priority.

Peace be with you.



be kind to one another

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