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What do you do when you first wake up?

If you reach for your phone first thing, then this challenge is for you.

If you want to change a habit, replace it with something “instead of.”

Instead of your phone, try this for 30 days:



Are you having a tough time?  Is your world falling apart piece by piece?

A lot is going on these days.  Everyone seems to struggle with one thing or another.   Some days it seems life will never get back on track.

Through all the difficult times, there is still some good to be found.

Try to imagine the alternative. 

Fewer struggles, a little bit of peace.

And that is what inspired this book.

The most difficult year of my life.  They say difficulty forges a strong spirit, and goodness is hidden in trying times.  Well, whatever the reason for going through this, guidance was sorely needed, so I turned to three books, started a journal, and wrote down the passage I read for that day.

Along the way, I realized the wisdom in these pages could help others, too.  So, I typed out what I had written, put it between this lovely cover, and here you have my sixth published book.

A compilation of inspiring quotes from the Bible, the Tao Teh Ching, Buddha, and others.



Why settle for pain and misery, when you can finally have some peace?  Life changes on the inside before it changes on the outside. 

Looking at life from a different perspective than what you have now will change you – both from the inside and the out.

Let this be the year you can finally get your life on track.  Buy this book of wisdom and inspiration.

It is a book of quotes, but unlike any other book you’ve read.  You will find such quotes as one of my favorites:

An appropriate wish for today’s world, wouldn’t you say?



(Sorry, no pictures in the book.  Not a bad idea, though…  And also no e-book.  That would defeat the purpose of staying off your phone!!)

The books I used in my search for peace are well worn and well loved.  Each has been in my library for years.  I refer to them frequently, and when I was going through this worst year of my life, I read them every day.

The theme that runs through this book is to listen to your inner voice.  This voice speaks to your passion; your true desires.  Your intuition helps you make the right decisions – if you listen to it.

It is astonishing that what was true at the beginning of mankind are the same truths today.   Universal truths, truths that cannot be disputed or changed.

The three great teachers, Buddha, Jesus, and Lao Tzu, who lived centuries and worlds apart, all gave us the same advice for a happy and successful life.

Give thanks, have faith without doubt, and believe anything is possible.  Oh, yes, of course, the Biggy … love one another.

Easy to do, right?  Right.




Here are the three books I used in my search for enlightenment.


Quiet Talks with the Master
Quiet Talks with the Master

Quiet Talks with the Master by Eva Bell Werber 

As you can see from the frayed edges, it is well read.  I picked it up in a used bookstore years ago, and the wisdom within this book has sustained me countless times.

Eva Bell Werber was born in 1888 and published her book in 1935 – one of several books where she recorded her meditations with the Master.

Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tzu, translated by John Wu 

Tao Teh Ching
Tao Teh Ching

The literal translation is “The Way and its Power.”  The WAY is the path we travel in this life.  Taoism (The “T” is pronounced with a “D” sound) is the one most ancient of philosophies of how to live a virtuous and upstanding life.  Practical advice that is as good today as it was in 6th century BCE when Lao Tzu wrote it.

The Bible

The Bible

Many of the passages in “Quiet Talks – My Daily Inspiration” are taken from Psalm, the song of David.  King David lamented about his enemies, and how they would be conquered.  We all have enemies, and you will find some practical advice on how to deal with them.  The Bible is one of the most read books ever printed, but sometimes it is difficult to sift through the rhetoric and find what you are looking for, so I sifted it out for you.


This is a book of spirituality, not religion.  This is profound wisdom about right living, getting along with others, and trusting the power within you.

Advice we could all heed in this day and age.


This is how to best benefit from the book

Take a moment of silence, consider your question or problem, clear your mind, and when ready, open to the page where your fingers lead you.

Think about what you read for a moment and how it pertains to your life.  You will be amazed how answers start popping out at you.

Practice makes perfect

If you do something every day it becomes a habit – helpful habits like positive affirmations will, indeed, produce positive results.  One day you will notice you are more receptive to your inner voice.  You will discover that when you argue with this voice, the thought comes back as “I should have listened.”

With daily practice, and the belief that you are one with the Universe and you are tapping into this great Intelligence, you will find your life manifesting in ways you always dreamed of – or better.

We all have heard it.  Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen to you.

So we force positive thoughts, and nothing happens.  That’s because we are trying to drive the bus.  Trying to make life go the way we want it to.  Letting our egos rule – or as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Edging God Out.”  EGO.

Quiet Talks – My Daily Inspiration will help you find that mindset – if you give it a chance.  A month.  Read a passage every day for 30 days and see how you feel.  See what has changed.

Take the challenge.  Buy the book. 
Let me know how it goes.

What can it hurt? Take the challenge. 30 seconds of your first waking moments. 

All it takes is 30 seconds to start your day off on a positive spin.  Try it, give it a chance.  30 seconds for 30 days.  A piece of cake.


I am positive you will see positive results.

Give it a try.  For only $10, what can you lose?

This offer wouldn’t be complete without something special to go with it.

Bonus #1:  You cannot buy it, it cannot be given to you.  Your peace of mind will come.  It’s been a year since I started reading daily inspirations, and what a difference in my state of mind!  You do not have to “Think” yourself to be grateful, purposeful, useful.  Read a passage daily and your mind will do the rest.

Bonus #2:  Subtle changes.  You stop talking put-downs to yourself because you are priceless, and you have finally accepted it.  You are kinder to others because a smile is easier than a frown.

Bonus #3:  Worry much, do you?  Once you realize you can only take care of today, and today you are being taken care of, you will see your worry is a waste of time.  Life is too short to worry!

Bonus #4:  Take the Quantum Leap into Abundance – A Guide to the Good Life.

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Here you will find:

    • A no-nonsense approach to building a kinder self-image
    • How to build meditation and gratitude into your day
    • How people turn peak experiences into life-defining moments
    • the real-world Shangri-La where people live beyond the age of 100
    • What an ancient great swordsman says about spirit and iron will
    • How to live a satisfying life

Come, take the Quantum Leap.

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May you find peace

c.w. Pickett




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