Child Abuse and the Deep Blue Sea

“I told you to shut up!” shouts the mom in the store. The next thing I hear is a reverberating SLAP as she hit her 3-year-old daughter’s face.

The slap did not slow the child down a bit. She was just as unruly throughout the rest of the store as she was before. Obviously the slap did not mean anything to either the mom or the daughter. It was just a way of expressing anger – not even intended to discipline.

How much more research has to come out before we “get” the effects of child abuse on the growing and developing brain? We do not outgrow our childhood tormentors; they stay with us, make decisions for us, sleep with us, have sex with us, live our lives for us.

These demons need never exist if parents would only realize what their moment of anger is doing to their child’s brain and outlook on life. Why put a child through this?

How we empower our children is how we empower our future adults. At the moment, we are raising a mass of confused, disoriented people who could not find their way if you lit the path for them.

Why is this?

This mom is teaching her daughter that hitting and yelling is the answer. She is teaching problem solving through violence.

Slapping a child develops deep chasms in the main computer of her body. Would you take your laptop and throw it on the floor? Then why would you hit a child? Out of reflex or anger? Did you break your computer out of reflex or anger, as well, or was that an accident?

Accidentally hitting a child is not really an accident, is it?

The damage to a child is much more permanent and not easy to fix. After all, if you break your computer, you can always go out a buy a new one.


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